All Pellistors gas sensors mentioned below are selected by N.E.T. and manufactured on OEM basis by the Companies leading in the field.

SHM type or SHP type 

SHM type (stainless steel enclosure)  or SHP type (plastic enclosure)
Standard size D20.4 mm x H10.
0 mm satinless steel enclosure, Poison resistant

  • NP-17SHM or NP-17SHP: Single header pellistor with high temperature range (150°C/-40°C).
  • NP-18SHM or NP-18SHP: Single header pellistor for hydrocarbon in % LEL range. Ammonia and Hydrogen detection is possibile powering the sensor at a different Voltage.
  • NP-30SHM or NP-30SHP: Low cost version of NP-30SMM mounted on single header. Excellent long term stability


SMM type

SMM type: General purpose pellistor with poison resistance and excellent stability.
Mounted in a 7 series plastic housing
Diameter 32mm