Our SAFETY LINE sensors are selected by N.E.T. and manufactured, on OEM basis, by the companies leading in the field, such as DD Scientific Ltd and Alphasense. Extremely cost-effective, this sensor range include solutions for Oxygen (O2) depletion and Carbon Monoxide (CO) for light industrial, residential or building automation applications along with car park ventilation according to EN 50545-1. 








NT-O2-A2  Oxigen Range: 0-25% vol
Output:  80-120 μA @ 20,9% O2
Approx 2 years life time
NT-O2-A3   Oxigen Range: 0-25% vol
Output:  80-120 μA @ 20,9% O2
Approx 3 years life time
NT-CO-SLI1000  Carbon Monoxide Range: 0-1000 ppm – 55 nA/ppm
Diameter:  20mm – 4 series size
Suitable for car parks and light industrial environments