N.E.T. S.r.l. can provide solutions to detect a wide range of hydrocarbons using pellistors or infrared gas sensors.

Pellistor gas sensors can detect any flamable gas with good linearity throught all the LEL range. Gas concentration can be measured by applying into the detector a linear correction factor in respect of the methane calibration.
N.E.T. srl can supply gas correction factors for the following gases:

Methane Ethylene Methyl ethyl ketone
Acetone Hydrogen N-butane
Ethanol Iso-propanol N-heptane
Ethyl acetate Methanol N-hexane
N-pentane Propane N-octane
Toluene Ammonia Carbon monoxide
Unleaded petrol

NOTE: when using a pellistor sensor on Cyber TTL and Cyber 4-20mA transmitters and Cyber Heads, the correction factor can be set in the device during the first calibration.


Most Hydrocarbons can also be detected by using an infrared gas sensor, as most of them share similar wavelenghts of absorbption.
N.E.T. S.r.l. can test and calibrate IRNET sensors using the specific gas, or can provide a linear correction factor to be set in the detector in order to linearize a propane sensor for the target gas.

At the moment N.E.T. S.r.l. can provide correction factors for these gases (new ones can be researched on request):

Acetone Hexane Pentane
Ethanol Heptane Propylene
Ethane Isobutane N-butane
Isopropanol Difluoro Ethane Dimethyl Ether
Isobutylene Butadiene Ethyl acetate

NOTE: when using an Infrared sensor on a Cyber 4-20mA transmitter or Cyber Head, the correction factor can be set in the device during the first calibration.