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N.E.T. IREF – market’s most DEPENDABLE SF6 and refrigerant gas sensor sensors for the refrigeration industry

N.E.T. IREF is market’s most DEPENDABLE refrigerant gas sensor. Design your own fail-safe leak detection systems with state-of-the-art NDIR (Non Dispersive InfraRed) technology. Lower your total cost of ownership and stand out from your competition with better accuracy, selectivity and reliability. Read More

Point Open Path for Hydrocarbons in LEL range detection 

When measurement reliability and response time become critical factors in combustible gas detection, the new Point Open Path IR sensor from N.E.T. is the answer. Specifically developed to keep measurements immune from ambient humidity changes and T90 below 10 seconds, the POP-S-IR significantly improve traditional performances of Infrared sensor to detect Methane, Propane and other Hydrocarbons in LEL range. Read More

Is your sensor fail safe?
Size Matters for Infra-red Gas Sensors
Evaluation of analytical parameters of electrochemical ammonia gas sensors

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