Point Open Path

POP-S-IR (Point Open Path) is the new sensor developped by NET using the technique of NDIR to monitor the presence of Hydrocarbons. It will be even more selective and accurate and it has been specifically developped to have fast response time (≤ 7 s) and high immunity to humidity changes.

POP-S-IR sensor head is equipped with incorporated electronics and firmware, in order to provide an output that is linearized and temperature compenseted, specifically suited for instrument manufacturers without any prior knowledge in IR technology.It is available with standard voltage output [0.4 V—2 V] dc, with customized output or with 4-20mA current output.

NETC6 Black Body: particularly suitable for Refrigerants gases and gases in ppm range.

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Main features of POP-S-IR:

  • Full conformity ATEX and IECEx explosion proof IR sensor head for surface applications
  • Analogue voltage standard or customized output
  • supplied with RAIN COVER
  • Fast response (T90 ≤ 7 s)
  • Solid, rugged construction
  • Wide operating temperature and humidity range
  • SIL2 (TÜV approved)

DS3617 – POP-S-IR