NET22 NET32 NP17

NET HEADS – Gas sensor housing and gas detector head 

A full range of ready–to–use detector heads or gas sensor housings, already certified as a component or a complete device to be mounted on a gas detector in any environment. The N.E.T. detector head is the ideal solution for gas detection system manufacturers who prefer not to invest in designing their own detection head and/or obtaining ATEX/IECEx certification for it.

N.E.T. heads can enclose N.E.T.’s full array of detection technologies (NDIR, Electrochemical and catalytic) and, if needed, N.E.T.’S CYBER transmitters. The user can select among ¾”,1” or M20 thread for connection to the detector’s main body. An additional front thread allows easy fit for selected accessories (splash guard, calibration cap and additional filter for GD protection).


  • NET2X/NETC2 can house 20mm (4-series) size sensors from any sensor technology. It is a completely sealed device, designed to be fully replaced at the end of the product’s life.
  • NET3X/NETC3 can house 20mm or 32mm size sensors, along with CYBER transmitters. It has a two-piece design which allows the internal sensor to be field-replaceable. 
  • NET3X/NETC3 CYBER HEADS ready-made gas detector head or gas sensor housing with built-in voltage, 4-20 mA and RS-485 Modbus transmitter
  • NET3/PB new NET3/PB Nylon detection heads for safe areas, residential, commercial and light industrial applications