N.E.T. offers a wide range of sensors based on the Non Dispersive InfraRed principle,designed for a reliable detection of the following gases:

  • CO2 from ppm levels up to 100% volume
  • Hydrocarbons in explosive range (%LEL)
  • SF6 in ppm range
  • Refrigerant gases in ppm range


Differently from other sensors on the market, IRNET-P sensors have a microprocessor for internal signal processing, offering an engineerized output, already linearized and temperature compensated.
For this, IR sensors are suited for instrument manufacturers also without any specialist knowledge in IR technology.

Main features of NDIR sensors:

  • 20 or 32 mm industrial standard size
  • Extended temperature range
  • Fast t90 response time
  • Internal microprocessor for concentration calculation
  • ModBus or P2P communication
  • Solid, rugged construction with stainless steel enclosure
  • Voltage output and optional bridge or pellistor output
  • Low power consumption version for portable applications
  • Patented optical path
  • Water filter
  • Standard industrial accepted negative or positive pinout
  • Individual calibration and testing


Versions of NDIR sensors:

N.E.T. manifactures many different versions of IR SENSORS:

IRNET – P (32mm size): for CO2 – CH4 – Propane detection
IREF (32mm size): for Refrigerants – SF6 and Ethylene gases
IRNET-P (20mm size): for CO2-CH4 and Propane gases
IRNET-P Low Power (20mm size): lower power comsuption
IRNEX-P: certified enclosure
IRNEX-P Low Power: certified enclosure

DYNAMIC RANGE – 20 mm – Low Power
DYNAMIC RANGE – 20 mm – Low Power – Certified enclosures