At NET, we believe that an organization’s overall quality of work and processes is passed on to its products. This is why we maintain the industry’s highest standards of certification issued by the most renowned notified bodies.

Please find below the complete list of available certificates, along with an explanation of each standard.     


Certifications and Declarations of  Conformity


exATEX Certifications

IECEx logoIECEx Certifications

ImmagineSIL Certifications

NET 1/2/3 heads CESI 01 ATEX 066U and extensions
NETC 1/2/3 heads (Full Conformity) CESI10ATEX032X and extensions IECExCES12.0009X
NETC 6/7/8 (Point Open Path) CESI10ATEX032X and extensions IECExCES12.0009X Conformity Assessment PS-16483-17-L
IRNET -P Conformity Assessment PS-16483-17-L
IRNEX – P CESI11ATEX039U IECExCES12.0008U Conformity Assessment PS-16483-17-L

Cyber++ IR


CST2707 Cyber++ IR (4-20 mA TX)
CST2713 Cyber++ IR (RS485 TX)
Cyber++ PELL CST2709 Cyber++ PELL (4-20 mA TX)
CST2715 Cyber++ PELL (RS485 TX)
Cyber++ EC CST2711 Cyber++ EC (4-20 mA TX)
CST2717 Cyber++ EC (RS485 TX)