Our SMM Pellistor, or catalytic bead sensor, line is selected by N.E.T. and manufactured, on OEM basis, by the companies leading in the field. The sensor monitors the presence of a combustible gas or vapor in air (or atmospheres containing oxygen) up to the Lower Explosive Limit (LEL).

SMM Pellistors consist of a matched pair of elements mounted on TO4 size headers and protected by a metal can. The matched pair is housed in standard 7-series plastic enclosure (D32 mm x H100) to fit a standard gas detector. The standard dimensions and the electrical output make our Pellistor perfectly compatible with a wide range of commercially available Gas Detection Systems and remote flammable gas detector heads.

SMM Pellistors exhibits excellent long term zero and sensitivity stability and a high level of resistance to catalytic poisons. The highly automated manufacturing procedure employed results in a repeatable, reliable sensor which, unlike similar devices, requires no trimming resistor to enable the detector to be matched with a compensator. Our NP-ACSMM is a special-purpose Pellistor sensor, designed to monitor % LEL levels of Acetylene with outstanding poison resistance.

Detectable gases – Catalytic Pellistors:
Hydrogen (H2)Methane (CH4)
Ammonia (NH3)Acetylene (C2H2)
List of hydrocarbons and other gases detectable through cross factors:
Acetic acidAcetone
EthanolEthyl acetate
Carbon monoxideXylene