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Advantages of our IREF NDIR sensors:

  • SIL2 rated, for certified dependability (fail-safe detection)
  • Standard industrial 7-series size, to fit existing detectors
  • 1-year calibration span, to reduce maintenance costs
  • MTBF of more than 5 years, for greater sensor lifetime
  • The most comprehensive range of targeted gases on the market
  • Extended temperature range (-20 to +60 °C), for use in any environment
  • Fast T90 response time and superior selectivity, for critical and life-saving applications
  • ModBus or analogue output, for ease of integration
  • Internal microprocessor, for advanced signal processing
  • Solid, rugged construction with stainless steel enclosure
  • Patented, longer optical path for better resolution and stability

N.E.T. IREF is market’s most DEPENDABLE refrigerant gas sensor. Design your own fail-safe leak detection systems with state-of-the-art NDIR (Non Dispersive InfraRed) technology. Lower your total cost of ownership and stand out from your competition with better accuracy, selectivity and reliability.

N.E.T. IREF sensors have the market’s most comprehensive range of targeted gases, allowing detection in ppm and LEL range of HFCs, HFOs and SF6 (for CO2 and Propane, please check IRNET page). You can easily expand your range, as all sensors have the same built and interface.

Detectable gases - IREF-P-32:
SF6 (0-1000ppm, 0-2000ppm)
R-1233zd (0-5000ppm)R-1234yf (0-6.2%vol, 0-2000ppm)
R-1234ze (0-6.5%vol, 0-2000ppm)R-125 (0-2000ppm)
R-134a (0-2000ppm)R-143a (0-2000ppm)
R-22 (0-2000ppm)R-227ea (0-2000ppm)
R-32 (0-14%vol, 0-2000ppm)R-404a (0-2000ppm)
R-407a (0-2000ppm)R-407f (0-2000ppm)
R-410 (0-2000ppm)R-417a (0-2000ppm)
R-422d (0-2000ppm)R-448a (0-2000ppm)
R-449a (0-2000ppm)R-450a (0-2000ppm)
R-452a (0-2000ppm) R-452b (0-11.9%, 0-2000ppm)
R-454a (0-6.3%vol)R-454b (0-7.7%vol, 0-2000ppm)
R-454c (0-6.2%vol)R-455a (0-11.8%vol)
R-507 (0-2000ppm)R-513a (0-2000ppm)
Ethylene (0-2.3%vol)
List of detectable refrigerants through cross factors (ppm):
R-454b (ppm)R-454c (ppm)
R-455a (ppm)R-453a