The NET3 Head from N.E.T. is an ATEX/IECEx certified stainless steel enclosure complete with sensor and optional electronic transmitter, designed for application in classified areas. It has been the preferred choice of many instrument manufacturers worldwide: a ready-made solution, bringing a complete sensor+electronics+housing package to be directly integrated in a gas detector or even to be used as a complete standalone field device directly connected to a controller.

But for less demanding applications in residential, commercial and light industrial settings, customers have been asking for a lighter, cost-effective solution. Enters the new NET3/PB detection head from N.E.T. – an enclosure bringing you at a compact price all the benefits of our classic NET3 heads, including IP65 rating, front M46 thread and three possible threads at the rear (3/4”, 1” and M20).

NET3/PB heads are made of robust Nylon, ensuring optimal shock protection and environmental limits of -40 +60°C.

The enclosures are decomposable and the sensor can be easily inspected and replaced at the end of its life time.

The raw version features direct sensor output from N.E.T. comprehensive detection range:

The full Cyber version features 4…20mA output and RS485 Modbus output, along with fault and alarm contacts, over a 10-30 Vdc power supply.

Full PC software and connection boards are available to perform calibrations and modify the unit’s settings.