Microprocessor driven elettronic interface to turn any gas sensor in a legitimate detector, with current, voltage and digital output. Contacts for fault and alarms.

N.E.T. CYBER is a microprocessor driven PCB designed to accommodate virtually any technology of gas sensing device, greatly simplifying the use of gas sensors by PLCs, controllers, monitoring systems and specialist gas detection systems alike.

CYBER electronics can sample and process signals from the full N.E.T.’s industrial sensor range and may be configured for third party’s sensors on request. The signal is linearized and computed in a standard analogue and digital Modbus output.

The combination of CYBER and sensor is therefore a preconfigured and pre-calibrated unit that can fit in any detector with a standard, high-level interface, sparing the user the need of calibrating the detector for the specific sensor employed and hiding the need of dealing with low level signal acquisition and processing.

CYBER electronics features 3 fully user-configurable alarm contacts and one watch-dog-activated fault alarm contact.

The CYBER software, supplied with every unit, will allow you to easily:

  • Recalibrate the sensor
  • Changing alarm thresholds
  • Recalibrate the analogue output
  • Changing digital communication parameters
  • Print calibration reports
  • Verify sensor lifetime
  • Plot live readings The unit calibration can also be performed via specific Modbus commands.