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NET3x and NETC3 sensor head are ATEX/IECEx certified stainless steel enclosure complete with sensor and optional Cyber electronics, designed to be used as a component of a fixed flammable gas detection system or as a full conformity standalone field device, used everyday by instruments manufacturers worldwide.

The units are fitted with sensors from NET’s comprehensive range of detection technologies (Non-Dispersive Infrared, Electrochemical and Catalytic) and the sensor can be opened in two parts to replace the sensing element at the end of its life time.

Simply put, maintenance is essential for any gas sensor. Some technologies may be more durable, other less, but in the end a time comes for them all when recalibration and even replacement of the sensing element becomes necessary to maintain the sensor safety function.

We will not cover recalibration in this article, and we will focus on sensor replacement instead.

Being the NET sensor heads Ex equipment adhering to the ATEX and IECEx scheme, the replacement of the sensing elements must follow some simple but precise steps in order not to void the validity of the product certification.

For users needing guidelines, resources and spare parts, NET has recently released a manual, an agreement and a line of replacement kits for NET sensor heads. In fact, according to the ATEX and IECEx scheme, the substitution can be performed directly by the user but must be authorized by NET through an agreement letter where the customer declares and takes the responsibility to follow the given instructions.

Important items to be considered when performing the substitution:

  • Only NET original spare parts are allowed to be mounted in the sensor head. In the event of replacements with non-original parts, the guarantee and certification of the sensor head is to be considered voided.
  • The new sensor must have the same intended use as the original one. For example, a Methane sensor cannot be substituted by a Carbon Dioxide sensor. The replacement sensor must be of the same type, measure the same gas, within the same range as the original one.

An original replacement kit by NET includes not only a sensor fulfilling the two requirements above, but also a few critical items to be replaced during the substitution and a new label to be applied to the sensor head. This allows to maintain the validity of the ATEX and IECEx certification and guarantees restoring of the original sensor head full functionality.

If your sensor head had been installed for longer than 2÷3 years, chances are sensing elements of the Electrochemical and Catalytic type need to be substituted. Contact NET today to learn more about the substitution procedure and the right replacement kit.

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