N.E.T. manufactures a wide range of ready–to–use detector heads, already certified as a component or a complete device. They can enclose different technologies: NDIR, Electrochemical and catalytic, to be mounted on gas detectors in any environment.







Can house 20mm size sensors from any sensor technology. It is a completely sealed device, designed to be fully replaced at the end of the product’s life.
¾” or 1” thread for connection to main housing, additional M35 front thread allows easy fit for accessories (splash guard, calibration cap and additional filter for GD protection).
NET2X is ATEX certified as a component.
NETC2 is full conformity certified according to ATEX directive and IECEx


Can house 20mm or 32mm size sensors.
¾”,1” or M20 thread for connection to main housing, additional M46 front thread for accessories.
The two piece design of the NET3X allows the internal sensor to be field replaceable.
NET3X is ATEX certified as a component
NETC3 is full conformity certified according to ATEX directive and IECEx.


NET3X Cyber Heads  or NETC3 Cyber Heads can accommodates a Cyber transmitter module with 4-20 mA and digital (RS485 Modbus) outputs. The electronics are connected to an infrared, pellistor or electrochemical gas sensor.
The NET3 Cyber Head (ATEX/IECEx certified) has been developed for use as a component of a fixed gas detection system or as a full conformity field device. It comprises stainless steel sinter filter guaranteeing safe entry of the atmosphere being detected.
Combustible dust and IP protection are available on request using separate adapter.
The enclosure is available also in aluminium , if requested, and the sensor can be replaced at the end of its lifetime.

The main features of NET HEADS WITH TRANSMITTERS are:

  • 4-20 mA output for analogue systems
  • RS485 (Modbus) for digital addressable systems
  • Fault threshold alarms and supply for external keypad
  • Compatible with NET IR, EC and pellistor sensors
  • Supplied ready-to-use with a sensor configured and pre-calibrated
  • Special ranges supplied on request
  • Simple in-field calibration
  • Full software support available
  • ATEX or IECEx certified stainless steel or aluminium flameproof Ex d enclosure
  • II 2GD marking available with NET-GD3 adapter