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Dear Customer,

We are reaching out to communicate an imminent price increase on our products.

Just like anybody else, we have not been immune to the global inflationary pressures of the recent months. If you are involved in electronics at any degree, you are certainly well aware of it. But cost increases have extended to labor and transportations as well.

Rather than looking for cheaper options and compromising on the quality and reliability of our products, we remain committed to our proven designs. We understand that when it comes to gas detection, reliability and accuracy are the essential requirements.

From April 2024, we will therefore introduce the first price increases on our NDIR products in over a decade. Cyber transmitters and NET Heads will also be affected. The overall increase will be of about 4% over the previous price lists.

Please, contact an NET representative for a copy of the new price lists or if you have any further questions or concerns regarding this price increase:

Thank you for being an NET customer!


The NET Team

Via Campania, 5 | 20006 | Pregnana Milanese (MI) | ITALY

T +39 02 935 44 190 | M +39 320 925 3278

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