Our PREMIUM LINE is manufactured in Japan exclusively for N.E.T. and under our exact specifications to comply with performance requirements of EN 45544-2 – including upper and lower limit of measurement, deviation of the measured values in clean air and in standard test gas, deviation of the measured values at all temperatures, pressures and at any humidity, time of response (t90, t50), time of recovery (t10, t50), over-range and stability.

The Premium Line is the right choice for manufacturers of fixed and portable gas detector needing top performances, superior stability and long expected lifetime from their sensor. Our sensor improve the common downfalls of electrochemical technology.

Electrochemical sensors can be affected by other gases, resulting in a loss of sensitivity. A typical case is how the presence of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) can significantly affects the reading of Ammonia (NH3) sensors. In presence of H2S, the typical signal from electrochemical sensors on the market increase and follow concentration of H2S. At same time, N.E.T. sensors show a smooth negative response within a market-leading less than 10% of actual H2S concentration.

Another common downfall is how, depending on the type of sensor and the gas to be measured, the sensor is gradually consumed by the target gas. Not only this requires frequent calibration and bump-tests, but a baseline presence of gas on the environment can lead to quick depletion of the sensor itself. Our Premium Line sensors have an expected lifetime of 3 years. And our NH3 sensor again stands out for his resistance to a light presence of ammonia in the environment and his capability of recovering sensitivity after high exposures, dramatically reducing calibration and substitution frequency.

Finally, environmental factors, and temperature in particular, affect both sensitivity and baseline. Premium Line sensors maintain excellent performances throughout a very extended temperature range and our H2S-HT cell is unique on the market with an amazing -40°C +65°C.





NT-H2S-PL100 Hydrogen Sulfide Range: 0-100ppm
700± 150 nA/ppm
NT-H2S-PL100-HT Hydrogen Sulfide High Temperature Range: 0-100ppm
700± 150 nA/ppm
NT-H2S-PL20-HT Hydrogen Sulfide High Temperature Range: 0-20ppm
1500±300 nA/ppm
NT-NH3-PL100 Ammonia Range: 0-100ppm
100 nA/ppm
High Sensitivity –  Fast reponse
NT-NH3-PL300 Ammonia Range: 0-300ppm
40 nA/ppm
Operating in Long time NH3
NT-NH3-PL1000 Ammonia Range: 0-1000ppm
8 nA/ppm
For high concentrations measurements
NT-NH3-PL5000 Ammonia Range: 0-5000ppm
4 nA/ppm
For very high concentration measurements
NT-NO2-PL30 Nitrogen Dioxide Range: 0-30ppm
600 nA/ppm
NT-NO2-PL10 Nitrogen Dioxide Range: 0-10ppm
600 nA/ppm
NT-CL2-PL10 Chlorine Range: 0-10ppm
600 nA/ppm
NT-SO2-PL20 Sulfur Dioxide Range: 0-20ppm
500 nA/ppm
NT-CO-PL1000 Carbon Monoxide Range: 0-1000ppm
70 nA/ppm